Exhibition of Mamoru Okuno: etude no.12 variations, 15 April – 30 April 2009

Within the Coded Cultures festival an exhibition of Mamoru Okuno (JP) takes place in the room of Transforming Freedom between 15 April and 30 April 2009, 10 a.m. - 22 p.m.

The word “etude” is often used to represent small music composition that is designed to gain certain technique of the instruments or also for composers to display certain musical ideas as a sketch. mamoru´s “etude” is a series of works that is related to everyday objects, mostly cheep and easy-to- nd, which would be transformed into something unexpected by a simple idea. The original work is text; however they take various forms to be realized.

Artist statement mamoru okuno (JP): At quartier21, I would like to make sound installation and  performance for “etude no.12 - plastic lm” in two variations. One with glass bottle I found in Austria; joghurt bottle, and the other with white light. At the opening I would do special performance involving the audience and continue to do variations at open studio for 4 days. I hope to see you and make good sound.