Alert the post-internets! - Constant Dullart has arrived ...

We are happy to welcome our guest artist in Vienna, Constant Dullaart from the Netherlands. Next to walking his dog, Constant will meet colleagues, organize and participate in events and work on more `internet aware´ or `post internet´art than is already there, e.g.

Montag 26. Juli 2010 - Sommerfest von & Transforming Freedom

Herzliche Einladung zum ersten gemeinsamen Sommerfest!

Zeit: Montag, 26. Juli 2010, ab 19.00 Uhr 

Ort:  Biennale-Büro von Transforming Freedom, u.a. 

MQ-Hof hinter dem Freiraum (Fürstenhof), Eingang gegenüber dem Kiosk

PETIT PLINQUE. Ausstellung

Petit Plinque. Ausstellungseröffnung 29.04.2010, 19:00

PETIT PLINQUE. Ein Moment mit Plinque und Gästen.

Das Wiener KünstlerInnenkollektiv Plinque zeigt in seiner vierten Ausstellung Arbeiten von sich und geladenen KünstlerInnen.

Mit: Alfredo Barsuglia, Bernhard Buhmann, Paul Busk, Eva Chytilek, Alan Cicmak, Julius Deutschbauer, Christian Eisenberger, Hanakam & Schuller, Stefanie Hilgarth, Hösl & Mihaljevic, Claudia Larcher, Leo Peschta, Roman Pfeffer, Wendelin Pressl, Liddy Scheffknecht, Nita Tandon, Armin B. Wagner, Erwin Wurm



Museumsquartier, quartier21 / Hof 2 / Raum Transforming Freedom /

elffriede-Ausstellung. Abschlussveranstaltung 15.06.2009, 20:00

selbst, wenn und und*

selbst, wenn und und*, by elffriede, Eröffnung 28.05.2009

selbst, wenn und und*

elffriede.transforming freedom (biberbau VII.)

liegt, sitzt, steht im zeichen nicht abbrechenden (auf-)zeichnens, raumdurchmessend, -aufrauhend, -abrundend, -durchforstend.

Twinstallation: Clouds for Bad Bankers

The scope of artistic interventions that become possible with Twitter is probably immeasurable. At Transforming Freedom  we’re trying to get our fingers dirty as well and have set up a very, very low tech installation at the Quarter for Digital Culture (QDK) that also involves Twitter.

Exhibition of Mamoru Okuno: etude no.12 variations, 15 April – 30 April 2009

Within the Coded Cultures festival an exhibition of Mamoru Okuno (JP) takes place in the room of Transforming Freedom between 15 April and 30 April 2009, 10 a.m. - 22 p.m.

Internet study group on 1 April: conspiracy theories on the web

Again upon invitation by Transforming Freedom, the internet study group at the graduate centre for social sciences, meets up at Room D on April 1st. This time the topic will be conspiracy theories on the web.

Geek Girl Dinner Vienna, 30 March 2009

Hosted by Transforming Freedom, the second edition of Geek Girl Dinner Vienna is to take place on 30 March 2009 at 7 PM, Raum D, MQ. Potential members of “Geek Girl Dinner” are female bloggers, tinkerers with computers, coders, designers and/or other folk who love and live the web. New geek girls welcome anytime – until a sponsor has been found (let us know if you’re interested), attendees pay for food and drinks themselves.

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